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Wax Play 101

What distinguishes a candle from other lights is that it appeals to our soul, not our eyes! Mehmet Murat İldan
wax play

Wax play is one of the most intriguing ways to get started into the world of sensation play. I always want you to be safe and informed so we’re going to cover the preparation all the way to the clean up and aftercare. You can’t just grab your favorite Yankee Candle and go.

Wax play has the potential to be very dangerous. Not just for the burnt skin aspect, but, the possibility of burning your house down is there. You are playing with fire after all. So I’m going to give you a list of things to have nearby and that will be necessary for wax play from beginning to end and then we can get to the details.

Supplies you will need:

First Aid Kit (This should be near any scene regardless of the tools used.)

Burn Cream

Drip Candles

Water (Hydration and Fire Safety)

Fire Extinguisher (Doesn’t have to be in the room, but close by in the event of a fire)

Lotion or Massage Oil

Razor ( Clear the hair off the areas, unless you’re a real masochist and look forward to the hair pulling out)

Drop Cloth or Plastic Sheet (Wax can stain and is a pain in the ass to clean off of your sheets and bed)

Those are the basics, there may be a few more that you can get and I’ll link those as they pop up.

Now that we have the list set up, let’s cover the knowledge and safety of wax play.

There are many different candles you can get:

Soy Candles: The safest of the candles, The melt temp is low (130-135 °F / 54-57 °C) so it doesn’t burn the skin as easily but provides the results that you desire.

Paraffin: A good beginner candle too, The melt temp is still pretty low (135 °F to 145 °F/ 57-62 °C).

Beeswax: High melting temp (144-149 ℉ / 62-65 ℃) made for masochists or advanced wax play. This wax can easily burn the skin.

Microcrystalline Wax: This is not recommended for anyone to use, but if you’re a masochist go for it I suppose. Severe Burns can take place. Extreme melting point (170-195 ℉ / 76-90 ℃)

Candles with Stearin: Chemical added to candles to produce a harder candle and slower burn. Not recommended for wax play. High melt temp (170-195 ℉ / 76-90 ℃)

Candles with color or scent: These can vary a lot. The dyes and fragrance increase the melting temps to all candles it’s in (hence the range of temps). Use caution.

Make sure that you’re using the safest and most comfortable temps that you or your partner can handle. As I’ve said in most of my other articles, safety and communication are the key to the best scenes.So don’t forget your safeword and limits.

I don’t feel like I need to explain the preparation to you. Here’s the quick rundown. Put Down dropcloth, massage partner with lotion or oil, use wax candles. What I will explain is the best and most safe way to use the candles.

Pain tolerance is one thing, pain tolerance with heat is a separate entity . Just because someone likes a paddle and bruises, doesn’t mean they’re going to like the burn of hot wax. I can handle lots of heat myself, but hot water is something I can’t handle. Cooking oil, metal, ceramic, none of those bother me too much, but if you put me in a steamy shower I turn into a baby.

With the understanding of personal preference, make sure that you test the sensation. Always test the candle on the inside of your wrist before playing (f you can’t take it yourself, you probably shouldn’t be doing it on your partner). Then, test it on your partner’s wrist. Keep in mind that wax cools as it falls through the air, use this for additional sensation of lower and higher temperature wax on the skin. As I said before, Pain tolerance is a very personal be considerate of what your and your partner are comfortable with.

Dripping wax on your partner is just that, dripping. Don’t pool it up in a candle and dump it all out at once, this can cause some severe burns and a big mess too. The typical place to start with wax play is on the back side of the body. Let the candle wax be your paint and your partner’s body be the canvas to create your art. Move to different areas and don’t let it pool too much. Switch up the colors if you really feel artistic, just make sure to safely put out one candle before starting with another.

The front of the body is safe to play with too. Find out different spots to drip to add some fun to your partner’s experience. The nipples can be a good place, as well as the inside of the elbow. the body is covered in erogenous zones. Wax dripping on the bottom of the feet can be an intense experience due to the sensitivity of that area.


Wax play should not be done to the face either. Don’t be stupid.

Clean up is a bit complicated as far as removal from the skin goes, if you used a lotion or an oil as I mentioned before, clean up can be a breeze. a few tricks I’ve learned include: waxed dental floss to scrap it off, a cake decorating knife, or good old elbow grease in the shower with soap and water. Keep in mind that the wax will likely pull any and all hair it comes into contact with so either shave the play areas or the whole body before to prevent that, unless you’re adding it to the sensation, you sadist.

This article was just to cover the very basic concept of Wax Play. I encourage you to educate yourself more and keep a look out for the advanced wax play article in the future

Until Next Time,

Peace Out sub Scouts



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