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The History of Sex Toys

Sex toys have long since graduated from the floppy rubber things you hide in your bedside table to beautiful works of interactive art Gwyneth Paltrow
Sex Toys From Ancient Times

prehistoric dildos

Sex toys in today’s world are in almost every home, if you count pervertables they’re in every home in the world. These fancy and extremely advanced sex toys still have something in common with the first sex toys ever produced, the shape and purpose. Archeologist Petra Kieselbach discovered what is currently the oldest dildo in the existence of the human s[ecies. Dating to 29,000 B.C. a dildo made of siltstone was discovered in what is modern southwest Germany. I guess they were made better back then too, I can’t seem to get one to last more than a year or so, time to learn how to sculpt siltstone I suppose.

The act of intercourse dates back to the first creatures that produced sexually not asexually. With that said, the pleasure that sex brings has now been dated back at least that far. Humans have always had a need for pleasure and sex to go hand in hand. We are one of the few animals on earth that has sex for pleasure. Not only have we evolved sex to be for purely pleasure at times, we have perfected the way to have orgasms on our own.

We use toys and other objects for masturbation and also have learned how to use tools to enhance our muscles needed for pleasurable sex and stronger orgasm.

Not everyone knows what “Ben Wa Balls” are, and I don’t think very many people know what they were originally used for. The earliest known use of the Ben Wa Balls, known as Rin No Tama at the time, dates back to 500 BC. Crafted in Japan, they were made to be used as a single ball and made to enhance the male’s pleasure during intercourse. Though they are used now to help women strengthen the the pelvic floor muscles through kegel exercises while inserted, the Japanese designed these to be used like anal beads to stimulate the prostate of a man while he had sex. They would remain a secret of the eastern world until the 1500’s when they would make their debut in the west for the same purpose.

Let’s keep our time journey going to 300 BC. The Greek merchants sold what they called the olibos, a word that means glide or slip. These leather coated stone Dildos were produced and distributed from what is modern day Turkey. If you read ancient texts, you can find a mention of a ram that no man has sold by a cobbler that can not be rivaled with his kind disposition towards women. Ram’s that would be worthy of Athena and bring you to be able to see her hand. Sounds like a good time to me.

In the 1400’s, the Italians would take the concept of the olisbos and create the first model of a modern dildo, the diletto. If you’re so inclined to learn about the creation of written porn (erotica) check out Pietro Aretino’s Dialogues. While I haven’t personally read them (yet), Aretino is said to be the “Father of erotica and pornography”. The Italian’s also learned that various oils could be used as lubrication. They mainly used Olive oil. Makes you wonder if that’s how we originally got the terms virgin for our olive oil….

In the late 1500’s, a story was written about a prostitute that isn’t satisfied by her lover and ends up using a dildo to finish the job. This is the first documented mention of glass dildos. The Choosing of the Valentines was written in the late 1500’s but not published for 300 years and only for collectors of pornography at that time.

The poem is long if you want to attempt to read a small part of it, go ahead:

Pardon sweete flower of matchless Poetrie,

And fairest bud the red rose euer bare ;

Although my Muse deuor’st from deeper care

Presents thee with a wanton Elegie.

Ne blame my verse of loose unchastitie

For painting forth the things that hidden are,

Since all men acte what I in speache declare,

Onelie induced by varietie.

Complaints and praises euerie one can write,

And passion-out their pangu’s in statelie rimes,

But of loues pleasure’s none did euer write

That hath succeeded in theis latter times.

You can find the full version here

Advances in technology didn’t just stop with infrastructure and industry, in 1734 the French invented the first vibrator, le tremoussoir. It was the first device to treat women for hysteria. The history of hysteria is a topic for another day, but, essentially doctor’s would bring women to orgasm because they were suffering from the debilitating disease known as hysteria. It’s a crazy thought that you could go to the doctor to use a vibrator. You had to if you wanted to, unless you were wealthy as they were very expensive and they were mostly bought by Doctors for their practices.

Hysteria Cure Ad

The late 18th century brought the birth of BDSM. If you like BDSM, whips, floggers, and such you can thank Marquis de Sade (Sade is credited for the term sadism, put in the dictionary in 1834, hence the similar letters at the beginning). So thanks to De Sade, you can enjoy Kinkslayer today.

Let’s hit some quick major points in sex toy history real quick:

  1. 1844 – Charles Goodyear invents the modern condom and other sex toys from vulcanized rubber

  2. 1869 – Dr. George Taylor invents the crank device that the Sybian is modeled after. Patients would sit on the device to receive the vibrations to help cure, you guessed it, hysteria.

  3. 1890’s – Motion pictures are created, some of the first things filmed were women using dildos and massagers

Estimated Date 1906

  1. 1900 – The Chattanooga vibrator becomes the 5th appliance to be electrified. A decade before vacuums or irons.

  1. 1917 – KY Jelly is invented for Doctors to use during pelvic exams.

  2. 1930 – The first latex based sex toys are invented.

  3. 1952 – The AMA declares hysteria isn’t a real ailment

  4. 1960 – The Birth Control pill is FDA approved, sparking the sexual revolution

By the time the 1970’s rolled around, sexuality was becoming more accepted. It was so accepted that the famous Betty Dodson started hosting masturbation workshops to show women how to properly use vibrators and give themselves a proper orgasm. The 1970’s is full of sexual history, I will be writing something soon purely about the history of the sexual revolution and its evolution in the 1970’s. Near the end of the 70’s, 1977 to be exact, the first adult store opened. Good Vibrations was specifically for vibrators but it paved the way for places like Night Secrets and Juniper Jenn to be possible.

In the late 90’s sex toys became more mainstream thanks to Sex and The City. Carrie and the girls paved the way by showing off their rabbits, glass dildos, magic wands, and much more. Thanks girls.

As much progress as we have made through history, we still haven’t been free for very long. In 2003 the Lawrence v. Texas court case lifts the ban on sex toys. Some of my readers were born when this case decision was made. Some of you may have been the result of the ban being lifted. Don’t be weird, your parents were probably kinky…Can you say Key Parties? We should plan one huh?

Kinkslayer Key Party Anyone?

Modern sex toys are really fancy and keep evolving, we’ve only had bluetooth technology for sex toys since 2010. The cam girls are grateful for this, tip controlled vibrators are amazing and super profitable. The sex toy industry is growing rapidly and is expected to worth roughly 52 Billion Dollars in the next 5 years.

We are on the edge of another sexual revolution in this world. I’m excited to be on the forefront of it and growing with it. Be proud of yourself and embrace your sexuality. Start that cam gig, promote your Onlyfans or Fansly on the Kinkslayer NSFW Spotlight, sell your feet pics, Make a premium Snapchat. Do your thing and don’t worry about who judges you. If you need some accessories for your OnlyFans go see Juniper Jenn.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of Sex History and as always make sure tojoin the group on Facebook

Until Next Time,

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