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Sexy LARPing

Joe, what’s the matter? Don’t I turn you on? – I don’t know what the problem is. – Well, would it help if you went back to thinkin’ I’m your sister? – Like I’m some sort of white-trash perv? – I’m your sister! I’m your sister! – Oh, you’re my sister! -Joe Dirt

Roleplay is often tied to the kink community but you don’t have to be into whips and chains to enjoy your imagination in the bedroom. The concept of roleplay comes in many different forms. If you use your imagination to masturbate, that’s a form of roleplay. Stranger in a bar role with your wife? Roleplay. The only limitation is the person or people involved. You can have an orgy with a dildo and a blindfold.

We often think of the Doctor/Patient scenario as it has been prominent in porn since cave paintings probably. I can’t find an actual year that it started in porn so if you know and can show me a resource I’m happy to update it.

As old and timeless as that scenario is, it’s still in the top ten of roleplay scenarios. We will cover the top roles in just a minute. Roleplay sounds silly but can do wonders for your sex life. It can be awkward at first but as time goes on and you do it more, it’ll become second nature. You’ll buy a big wheel for the wall and give it a spin nightly to see who you’re going to be.

This is another bedroom activity that requires trust and an open mind. If you’re thinking about how stupid you sound, you’re going to portray that in your voice and body language. Just remember, this is your partner, you’re naked in front of them, you’re having sex, they are your comfort zone in this moment.

Now that you understand that you’re ready to roleplay.

Get out the nurse outfit and get to it

I’m kidding, I want to explain some scenarios that are very popular. There are infinite ways to enjoy roleplaying. Let’s get your mind warmed up and open to what you really want.

The Scenarios:

The most popular scenario at this moment in time is the handyman and the horny housewife. It can be a fun way to get the significant other to do some chores in anticipation of when it’s going to start. I’m not here to lay out how to do these roles, that’s up to you. It’s YOUR imagination not mine. Mine might scare you a little too much.

Most of my readers here grew up with Britney Spears. Yeah you know where I’m going already. The student/ school girl and the professor. That one can be fun because you can actually incorporate some Dom/sub play here. Give your sub homework, extra credit, etc. The things that you can grade and administer punishment or rewards for.

The babysitter is another fun one. The babysitter can offer a special thanks to the “parent” or the “parent” can offer something instead of money. This really can tap into some repressed teenage fantasies you have forgotten about. Your best friend’s hot dad. Yeah we know you wanted to fuck him. I know how hot your girlfriend’s mom was too, too bad you didn’t get to show her why her daughter loved you so much.

Up next on our list is the classic Boss/Secretary roles. If you haven’t seen the movie “The Secretary” I highly suggest it, much better than 50 Shades or any other film about BDSM. It can give you a few ideas so get on it. There’s a deadline. Don’t miss it, you don’t want the boss to get angry.

Of course if you want to mix in restraints with your role play, the Police Officer/ Criminal scenario is a fun one, interrogate your suspect until he/she wants to confess how bad they need to get off and then they will tell you everything. Word of advice though: Real handcuffs are not comfortable. Get some Rope (educate and prepare yourself first), some cuffies, or a belt to tie them up. It works much better than that steel band grinding into your wrist every time you move and it can really kill the orgasm.

The Doctor/Nurse and Patient is and will always be in demand for the bedroom. So many ways to enjoy this one. Do some research about tips and ideas beyond my page and get it right.

This is the one that will throw a lot of you for a loop. Incest roleplay is on the rise and it’s rising fast. So get your best stepsister mentality on and get yourself stuck in the dryer. There are late night possibilities too. “Sneaking into your step brothers room” and the oops I saw you naked in the shower so I might as well join to save time. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Beyond the standard roles, this is where sensory deprivation can be a lot of fun, headphones with some light crowd noise on repeat cna turn your bedroom into a packed bar watching you get your partner off. Grab the Fleshlight and give your man a blindfolded threesome. Grab the dildo and let her get her threesome fantasy filled. The mind is a fun thing to play with and you won’t feel as awkward. Although, I will say for some of you asking your partner “Does his cock feel good?” might be a little strange to say at first, but enjoy it. You never know you might enjoy it more than your partner.


Roleplaying at first will feel foreign. You’re going to second guess if your partner thinks you sound stupid, or you might worry you’re going to far. That’s where the safe word concept comes in. I also made it clear that you should be having a good time and not taking sex too seriously all the time. Yes you will sound stupid sometimes. Yes you both will laugh during and after. That one thing you said that felt really weird to say? She loved it and it made her cum harder. You don’t know how any of this will go until you try.

So go forward and get your bedroom PHD. Be the best damn babysitter in the world. Clean those pipes out. Have a fantastic time with your threesome with two people.

Also, a little disclaimer for all of these. None of these imply that you or your partner wants to have sex with any of the roles they are wanting you to be. They don’t want to fuck their sister, They don’t want the Doctor to throw them in the stirrups and get deep in it. It’s just a fantasy so don’t overthink it.

Until Next Time Peace Out sub Scouts




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