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Sensory Deprivation

When I first tried a sensory deprivation, people thought I had lost my mind. In fact, I had found it. -Anonymous

Sensory Deprivation is a personal favorite of mine. It allows the mind of the submissive to torture itself with anticipation and false sensations.

The idea behind sensory deprivation is to….well to put it simply deprive the submissive of more than one sense, preferably ALL of the major senses. Let’s cover the ways that each sense can be manipulated to make a play session more intense.

The obvious sense that people think of depriving is sight. We all think about using a blindfold or something to cover the eyes. There are more than a few ways to enjoy a sensory deprivation scene without blindfolding your submissive.

Lighting illusions are a fun way to go. Different light colors, different areas of the room or the bed being highlighted by a spotlight (track lighting is great for this if you have it installed, otherwise you may have to get creative with the way you isolate the lighting. An underlight for the bed can create enough light for the Dom to see what’s necessary but the submissive could be deprived of essential light to allow the mind and eyes to process what’s happening around them.

More traditional uses are sensory deprivation masks, I’m not a fan but that’s just the aesthetic aspect of it. I don’t personally enjoy leather and latex, but maybe I will someday.

You can do some fun things with safety glasses to create a vision impairment. I know safety glasses aren’t sexy but they will do amazing things for the submissive. Scratch them with sandpaper or cover them with a frosted tape to allow the submissive to see the general shape of their surroundings.

There is a way to create hallucinations but we aren’t getting into advanced subjects today. Master the basics first and then you can get a little more wild.

Taste is one that I haven’t used very often, but doing research gave me some fantastic ideas and I’m going to pass them on to you. If you’re already taking away the sense of sight, the taste buds can go on overdrive. Take different flavors in the scene, some sweet, sour, bitter, savory, etc. you can even get some pungent flavors to bring punishment for the tastebuds.

Mental games are the key to sensory deprivation working well. Switch flavors up, tell your submissive the flavor is something different than it is ( tell them the sour spray you’re about to use is actually sweet strawberry juice, etc). I find this to be super effective at creating a fake trust violation. I know that sounds bad but it will make the submissive wonder if the next flavor will actually be sweet like you say. As I always say, These things should be discussed before any scene takes place. Know your submissive’s allergies and dietary needs (Don’t give your vegan submissive bacon as a savory flavor.)

If you can pinch off the nose you can alter the sense of taste as well. I will also point out that you can overload the senses. A few sour drops on the center of the tongue can be torture for someone who hates sour.

Smell doesn’t get much attention but, most people don’t know that limiting the sense of smell can heighten the sensations felt against the skin and the flavor on the tongue.

Hearing is a great way to create a better scene. You can find the right kind of background noise to make the submissive feel like they are on display in public, or think they are outside in the woods (good for a kidnapping roleplay). If you don’t want either of those, just use music: something they like if it’s a pleasure session, or something that could induce a bit of anxiety if it’s going to be a darker scene. You can also just use no sound at all, just silence and let your submissive anticipate what’s coming next with their own thoughts.

Binaural beats are a thing and can hit the brain to create different sensations that aren’t controllable. There are many audio tracks that can alter a person’s speech or mental cognition.

Touch is probably the most important of all of these. Everything pleasure or pain comes down to touch. If you have isolated all of the senses but touch, you can really play mind games with this. Telling someone what they are about to feel when they can’t see, smell, or taste can allow you to dictate what they will anticipate. I have personally made a submissive feel a burning hot sensation from an ice cold butter knife, they felt hot wax dripping on their body but it was lotion, these are just two examples but there is so much to what a person can feel based on what their mind tells them.

You can create a few interesting spank sessions with numbing creams in some places, a barrier between the impact and the skin (latex, plastic wrap, etc) in other places. Just be sure to know your submissive’s allergies, health problems that could have issues with any of these ideas.

Go get kinky and have fun with your scene partner. Look on Kinkslayer for a post to share some other ways to play with sensory deprivation.

Peace Out sub Scouts



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