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Restraints, Tied Up and Turned On

I’m not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge. There’s something very sexy about being submissive Eva Longoria

Restraints are a great way to ease into BDSM and Kink as well as Impact Play. There are many risks involved though so let’s introduce you to the benefits and possible risks with restraints and the many different options you have.

Safety First

Some restraints can cut off blood flow to the extremities and should always be used with education, knowledge, and caution. Before playing with any type of restraint, make sure that if it’s handcuffs, have a key and a spare in a known location to all parties involved. If they are a soft material, that’s where the Trauma Shears come in handy. Those shears can be the difference between losing a sensation and losing a hand. I know that sounds extreme but it can and has happened before. 

Another tip is to make sure you nor your partner(s) have any kind of allergy to the materials you’re going to be using (nickel, jute, nylon, etc), no one wants to deal with that shit so know you’re partner(s) before playing.

You Don’t Have To Be A Boy Scout

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention restraints is being tied up or tying someone up. This is often a fun way to do things, I always suggest something easy to get on and get off if you’re inexperienced. A proper tie with a well tied Half Windsor knot is easy enough to take off if things get too tight, the problem is that the knot can get tighter as it is pulled. The best possible starting point is basic rope (silk rope is the best option but can be expensive).

Go to Lowe’s after doing some research and find a decent rope that’s not too expensive and see if you like how it feels against the skin before buying it. 5mm soft cotton or silk is best for beginners.

Once you get some rope to practice with, learn how to tie a is a square knot or a french bowline. Those are the easiest to master first. So easy, I learned how to tie those in Cub Scouts.

Master those knots on yourself first. You should know how to make the knot perfect before attempting to do it on another person. Leave some finger room between your skin and the rope to keep things safe and circulated.

Officer Please, I’ve Been Bad

Any of you that have ever been in real handcuffs know, they really hurt. They are sexy to joke about but they hurt like a motherfucker when you turn your hand the wrong way or the chain/hinge pinches. I always suggest getting some fuzzy cuffs if you need the metal feel to them. The best option out there right now is Cuffies, which if you came from Juniper Jenn, you’ll be happy to know that they are being designed and improved to be sold through her. 

If you’re going to use real handcuffs, make sure that you have a key or 10 and they can be found quickly and easily in the event of a RED of emergency. It is your responsibility to make things as safe as possible.

A Different Kind of Tied Up

Restraints and bondage isn’t all about being tied up to the bedpost. You can create beautiful rope harnesses to create a bond between the calf and thigh, or you can do a dragonfly harness with rope that creates beautiful art with the body or my favorite rope harness: The Pentagram Harness.

Here’s a quick how to if you want to try on yourself and submit the photos (Nudity not required) to my email for entry into the contest mentioned below

I will cover some of these techniques in a possible YouTube channel if you’re interested dear readers. Until then, learn some fun things with rope harnesses. Single column, Double column, and so many more options. 

Also, the joys of small businesses is the fact that the owners are super friendly, and easy to get to know. Make sure you check out Juniper Jenn. If you have a small business you want promoted on here be sure to get in touch with me here or any of these

This article is another of the surface scratches. There will be tons more to come and much more detail on ropes and material, harnesses and styles, as well as many other ways to restrain someone (anal hooks can be fun too and not as scary as they sound)

What’s your favorite restraint to use? Comment and let me know and soon I’ll be having a contest giving away more than I should (Paddles, Ropes, Floggers, Etc) and I will be using these comments as entry to the contest.

Until Next Time, Peace Out Sub Scouts

(P.S. That was a typo it should say Cub Scouts but I love it and it has inspired me to start writing and designing a course for restraint play, the Sub Scouts of America.)




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