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(Opinion) Roe v. Wade 2022 ruling- Is it really a bad thing?

Roe v. Wade isn’t the end of your rights if you step back and take a look at it as a big picture. I’ve always avoided talking about political things, but this is huge for every woman in America. Let’s make something very clear, I am personally pro-choice. I hear women often tell me that “Your opinion doesn’t count because you’re a man.” I agree to a certain degree, but I am pro-choice because I don’t have a place to have an opinion of what happens with a pregnancy. I know that sounds bad, and some of you men that are reading this are probably up in arms, but hear me out on the whole thing before making that judgment.

This is a touchy subject, so let’s stick to the big picture that I’m talking about, the rights aspect of the ruling. The reason I say that it isn’t as bad as everyone thinks is this: Making this a state or local issue allows a few options for everyone. If you’re pro-life, you can move to any state that you want that is pro-life. If you’re pro-choice, you have the same option. That’s just one option you have. The bigger and more important option you have is this, VOTE! If something is legal or illegal at a federal level, then that makes it pretty universal (there are exceptions, but that’s not the subject). With the decision changing to a state level, it means that your voice matters even more.

All of my readers have just as valid of an opinion as the others do now. There is no electoral college at a state level, so your vote means that the popular vote is the one that wins. This is a chance for the American people to make it known what they decide is the right choice.

I’m not happy about the choice the court made, but they allowed us to take it into our hands. The handmaid’s tale fantasy that conservatives are trying to make happen and the liberals will die fighting against, can only happen if we are passive.

We are standing on the edge of many revolutions that could be happening in America in just a few short years. This is not the time to voice your opinion on social media only, but in the real world where we can all show the government that there are consequences for their shit decisions.

So let me share a critical resource here: Find a place to vote. Check your registration status Register if you haven’t already Go here to see all of those and many more.

We are now in control of the future in one more way. I think it’s time we bring America to 2022 and start making the world as wonderful as it should be. The next thing to do is get better sex education in the school system. There are too many people that have zero idea how basic sex and anatomy works. It’s scary when I see people claim that the vagina has compartments to store sperm and can release it days after sex (yes, that is a real tweet I’ve seen)I know that Kinkslayer focuses on the kinky and alternative aspects of sex education, but, it’s high time to move towards educating on all the basics as well.So please share this link, spread the word of a good source for sex education, and be a part of the Kinkslayer community. I’m always open to posting articles from followers and growing together. I want to have a representation of all aspects so your political alignment isn’t a factor; share your stories, opinions, and views. How do you feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling? Leave a comment

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Let’s revolutionize Sex Education together

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