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North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, Who Called LGBTQ+ People “Filth,” Seeks Governor Nomination

If homosexuality is of God, what purpose does it serve? What does it make? What does it create? It creates nothing Mark RObison – Lt. Governor (R-NC)

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor in 2024, despite a history of making derogatory comments about LGBTQ+ people. Robinson’s statements have included calling LGBTQ+ individuals “filth,” and equating them with “maggots” and “flies.”

Robinson’s campaign comes as the governor and lieutenant governor run separately in North Carolina, and the likely Democratic nominee is Josh Stein, currently the state’s attorney general. The Republican primary will see Robinson go up against North Carolina Treasurer Dale Folwell, who shares Robinson’s views on LGBTQ+ rights and abortion rights.

Robinson held a rally at Ace Speedway and released a video announcing his candidacy, in which he claimed to not care about a person’s race, sexual orientation, or financial status. However, his anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric from previous speeches contradicts this statement.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric and Controversial Statements

In various speeches over the years, Robinson has made derogatory comments about LGBTQ+ individuals. He has referred to transgenderism and homosexuality as “filth,” and stated that nobody in America should be telling children about these topics.

Robinson has also said that straight couples are superior to same-sex couples because only heterosexual couples can reproduce sexually. Additionally, he equated LGBTQ+ people with what cows leave behind, as well as with maggots and flies.

His offensive remarks are not only limited to the LGBTQ+ community. Robinson has also made derogatory comments about women, Black Americans, Muslims, and Jews. He called Michelle Obama an “anti-American” and a “liberal leftist elitist,” and he has stated that a woman’s body is no longer her own when she is pregnant.

Furthermore, Robinson has put down survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, calling them “silly little immature media prosti-tots” for their activism on gun control. He has also made controversial statements about the movie “Black Panther” and reparations for slavery.

Reaction from Democrats and Republicans

The North Carolina Democratic Party chair, Anderson Clayton, has criticized Robinson’s announcement, calling him an extremist who has built a legacy of division through his hateful rhetoric towards the LGBTQ+ community, his disrespect towards women, and his push to ban abortion without exception.

Meanwhile, Republican activist Jonathan Felts has predicted that Robinson will win the primary over Folwell, stating that Folwell is a great public servant, but he does not see a pathway for him to get his message out there.


Mark Robinson’s candidacy for governor in North Carolina in 2024 has sparked controversy due to his history of making derogatory comments about LGBTQ+ individuals, among other groups. His anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric is in direct contrast to the Democratic nominee’s promise to expand opportunities for working families and uphold fundamental rights. Robinson’s candidacy will be closely watched, as it will reveal the extent of support for his controversial views among the Republican base in North Carolina.

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