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First Dates Don’t Have To Be Awkward

First Date Adventures To Be Had

  1. Picnics – Have a picnic, discuss foods you’d like to try and make it a picnic of things you’ve never had before. Be adventurous from day one. The next idea is the best way to get to the picnic location.

  2. Go for a walk – You don’t have to do fancy things to have a great time! It’s nice to switch up things sometimes. Dinner and a movie are a dead concept. Dates like this are often a way to open things up to long conversations that can lead to losing track of time and enjoying yourself more than you thought so. As tempting as it may be, do not bring up your ex’s or past relationship. Enjoy the time you have and let it build to something naturally with no hiccups from the first date. This date idea doesn’t have to be a nature walk, it can be a downtown walk in a cute movie type town.Watch an outdoor movie

  3. Volunteer – This is one of the most unique ways to bond and also grow your resume, animal shelters offer a chance for volunteers to walk the dogs, soup kitchens are always willing to take on people to help serve the community, you can find tons of places to volunteer around you,

  4. Breakfast Date – Switch it up and set up a date for breakfast and coffee. It is a bit of a gamble. If it goes better than you could have imagined, you will be living the high life all day! If it goes badly, it could throw your day off a little. I experienced that one. If you know me, I don’t enjoy early mornings. I got up for a date at 6:30am and met a girl. After breakfast she never spoek to me again. I thought it went well, but I guess not.

  5. Visit a psychic – Everybody likes to know the future, well, at least a prediction of it! Imagine the psychic seeing you getting married!

  6. Play video games – Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, it doesn’t matter. If your date is into video games and you’ve got strong thumbs, it might be time for a bit of virtual smackdown! Just be careful not to beat your date too badly at whatever video game you decide to play. You don’t want your first date ideas to turn into video-game-inspired revenge ideas.

  7. Go to a bookstore – Let your date know before you meet up, at the end of the date you will buy a book for the other if it went well. Not something you believe they will love, but, something you love and will let them get to know you on a deeper level before the second date.

First Date Etiquette

  1. Don’t be late.. No one likes to spend their time waiting and being late is simply disrespectful. Give yourself enough time to prepare and try to arrive at the location 10-15 mins earlier. If you are running late, make sure you give your date a call or text so they can go to a cafe or find somewhere to sit while waiting for you.

  2. Don’t get over-dressed. I know how that feel, you want to look perfect for your date and try very hard to dress up to impress them. However, it’s best to dress according to the event you are going to. Imagine if you are going for picnic and you are in a suit or high heels, that would be super awkward for both of you. I am pretty sure you won’t impress him/her for this.

  3. Don’t talk about past relationships. Either asking or talking about them are a big “NO-NO”. This is something very personal to ask on a first date because you are not sure whether your date is comfortable to talk about it. Talking about your ex might also leave your date an impression that you still haven’t moved on yet.

  4. Don’t get too drunk. If you can’t control yourself when you are drunk, I am pretty sure you know what to do. Also, it’s always nice to keep a sharp mind to remember all the things that happened on your first dates so you can start to build on memories and topics to talk about on your next date.

  5. DO offer to split the bill. If you are a guy and you feel comfortable to pay the bill, that’s very nice of you. But for ladies, don’t just sit there and expect people to pay for your meal, it’s always nice to offer help on the bill! It shows that you are a friendly and considerable person. Of course, if the one of you insists on paying, just let them do the job and don’t argue over it.

  6. Don’t focus on talking about yourself. Who doesn’t love to be understood? Dates are supposed to be chances for you to know more about each other before getting into a relationship. If you can’t help to ramble about yourself, you will leave an impression of you not interested in your dates. Always remember it’s not a stand-up comedy. Try to ask your dates about their interests, jobs and hobbies, nothing too serious and personal!

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