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Butt Stuff. Just the tip to see how it feels

So let’s talk about the scariest part of sex for most people. BUTT STUFF! A lot of women don’t want to try it because they think it’s going to be super painful, or they will develop a prolapse. That is very unlikely on either part if it’s done right. Men are afraid to let their lady touch their asshole simply because they are worried the boys will find out and think they are gay. I hate that logic so much.

Let’s address those insecure boys for a minute:

1) Letting a girl play with your ass doesn’t make you gay by definition. 2) If you are Gay or Bi, there’s nothing wrong with that at all so stop treating it like it’s a disease.

3) You might be shocked to learn about this thing called a prostate and how it’ll make you fall in love if someone stimulates it.

4) Just stop being close minded. Sex is about fun and exploration of the body. If you try something and don’t like it, don’t do it again.

Now back to what we were discussing in the title. Butt Stuff, Anal Sex, The Forbidden Rabbit Hole, it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you know what to do if you want to make it a part of your sex life.

A few items you Will need to get started:

A water based lube (not the $.88 lube from walmart I learned that lesson so you don’t have to)

A towel or something to place your toys and other items on to keep the bed clean



A partner you trust

A few fun toys

Got your supplies? Awesome, let’s begin the lesson. First off, it’s going to take some time the first few times to get used to it and get warmed up. It’ll get easier and more natural to you as the sessions go on.

Make sure to give your partner, the one that is going to receive the penetration, a massage in a place called the sacrum, it’s the spot on the back above the butt crack where the tailbone ends. The sacral massage helps relax the entire pelvic area. It’s where the nerves leave the spine to give or receive sensation to the pelvic region. A good massage never hurts before sex any way but this one has an extra benefit.

Regardless of how you’re going to go at it, take time to stimulate the out parts of the actual asshole. There’s no pretty words for asshole so we’re just going to use that one. Make sure you’re lubed up if it’s your finger, toy, or anything else you may be using. As you massage the outside and the edges, you’ll feel the asshole relax some, that’s a good moment to try to enter just a bit. The pinky is by far the best to start with. It’s the smallest of the fingers and you can work with it a lot better than toys or bigger fingers. Repeat the process, massage inward just a bit until you feel more relaxation. Your partner will be communicating what they feel, I promise. This is a great time to start stimulation somewhere else, have your partner masturbate or use a toy they like. The idea behind that is to over stimulate the sacrum and get all of the pelvic muscles to begin to relax.

I think you can start to figure out how this works by now, patience and baby steps.

Some things that I consider to be vital to know though, toys can get lost in the ass. It can be prevented. Never forget this motto: “If you play without a base, it can be gone without a trace.” If you’re going to be using any toys in your adventures with anal, make sure they have a base. Think the balls on a dildo or the flange on a butt plug. These fanned out shapes keep the toys from disappearing and giving you an embarrassing hospital trip. I’m all for good stories, but that would just be a dumb one.

If you’re curious, explore when you masturbate. You know your body and can learn exactly what to tell someone if they’re going to do anything anal with you. Look into butt plug training kits. They start small and get bigger, you can work on your tolerance and ability to take something in your ass even when you’re not having sex. That is probably the easiest way to train yourself to be able to handle it.

Anal activities shouldn’t be painful. Your ass is full of nerves that can be stimulated. If done right it can become a second clit ladies, not that good but really close to it. Like I said earlier guys, you have a prostate. Enjoy it and learn how to take advantage of it.

Butt Stuff

Don’t forget my story in the true stories section, shit happens and you’ve got to be able to laugh it off and enjoy all of the good and bad things that will inevitably happen.

Until Next Time Peace Out sub Scouts




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